FILIPINA BEAUTY queens Maggie Wilson and Parul Sha have just proven that Pinay beauties are not only good for the pageant arena, they could also win one of the most prestigious races in the world — The Amazing Race Asia 2016.

Maggie, a former Miss World Philippines and Parul, Miss Supranational 2015 3rd Runner-Up claimed victory after finishing first in the last leg of the race, which covered stops across Southeast Asia, aired late Thursday night, December 15.

Parul Sha and Maggie Wilson win Amazing Race Asia 2016
Parul Sha and Maggie Wilson win Amazing Race Asia 2016

Host Allan Wu announced them as the winners upon their arrival at the final pit stop. Overjoyed, Maggie and Parul went emotional and hugged each other with the former exclaiming, “We did it, we did it!”

The two who considered themselves as ‘best friends’ won $100,000 (P5 million) cash prize. Parul said the money would be of big help to have his father back in the Philippines as he had stroke just recently.

“We’re actually splitting up the money and I’m going to help my family with mine. We’re going to help my dad retire and just come to the Philippines,” Parul said.

Maggie said, “We’re just so so happy we can help Parul’s family now, with our winnings.”

The beauty queens are the second Filipinos to win the race. Richard Herrera and Richard Hardin first won the race in 2010.

The two other teams in the series’ big finale: Malaysia’s Lee Yvonne and Chloe Chen, and Eric Tai and wife Rona Samson were trailing behind them.


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