“Education doesn’t need to be done in extremely huge facilities. It just has to have that one seed that carries out a spark that can energize children to learn more,” says actor Gary Valenciano, co-founder of Shining Light Foundation.

The foundation is the most recent recipient of ‘School-in-a-Bag,’ is a digital learning package designed to help educators and learners in underserved communities in the Philippines, most especially those that do not have access to electricity. It is one of the projects of Smart and PLDT-Smart Foundation as they reach out to more Filipino kids.

The package contains educational and connectivity tools such as laptops, tablets, TV, smartphone, pocket WiFi that come with learning modules and a solar panel.


“With School-in-a-Bag, children in remote areas now have the opportunity to learn through modern learning tools and access to the internet’s wealth of information and content,” Smart said in a press statement sent to ElysPlanet.com.

Valenciano believes education is something so crucial in the lives of the children but not many of them actually get “especially when something like a catastrophe hits an area that is unreached, an area that is unpowered, an area that is isolated from the rest of the world.”

“Education is something that any child will always be hungry for,” Valenciano said. He urged everyone to help Smart in this campaign.

Individuals, companies, and organizations may sponsor School-in-a-Bag packages that can be sent to schools in remote communities. They may check out the campaign website or email technocart@smart.com.ph for more details.



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