WE CAN’T HELP ourselves but applaud the people behind this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) for stepping up their game and offering a great selection of quality films for the 2016 festival.

At last, the MMFF got the balls to veer away from the usual trash films offered by the big film outfits. We don’t believe the selection committee of this year’s festival did not choose films of the big stars Vic Sotto (Enteng Kabisote 10 and the Abangers), Vice Ganda (Parental Guardians) and Richard Yap (Mano Po 7) in purpose but rather of below average quality compared with the chosen films. For the past years, we have been complaining of the mediocre films that star Sotto, Vice and Kris Aquino among others. Also those films offered by Lily Monteverde’s Regal Films. If not full of advertisements, such films lack substance and below average and were done just to cash out from the viewing public. Indeed, it’s high time for MMFF moviegoers to see real good films but of the same mass appeal.

The recent comments from these stars, and even from Monteverde herself came as no surprise. As we all know, these film outfits bank only on popularity to earn big during the MMFF, when cinemas offer no more than the eight competing films.

While others cramble on defferentiating indie films and commercial films and what best fit the taste of the Filipino viewing public, we at Ely’s Planet and a horde of moviegoers out there are extremely happy. At last, we are being offered the films that we deserve.

Whoever said that this year’s entries are not suited for Filipino audience underestimated our thinking ability and capacity to appreciate good films. Kudos to MMFF!

MMFF 2016 entries include ‘Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2’, ‘Saving Sally’, ‘Die Beautiful’, ‘Kabisera’, ‘Oro’, ‘Seklusyon’, ‘Sunday Beauty Queen’, and ‘Vince & Kath & James.’ See the films’ trailers on this post. These films were selected based on the following criteria: story, audience appeal and overall impact (40%); cinematic attributes or technical expertise (40%); global appeal (10%); and Filipino sensibility (10%).

Prior to the big week which starts on Christmas Day, eight Short Film entries will be showcased. MMFF 2016 short film entries include ‘Birds’ by Christian Paulo Lat, ‘EJK’ by Bor Ocampo, ‘Manila Screen’ by Roque Lee & Blair Camilo, ‘Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad’ by Jarell Serencio, ‘Mitatang’ by Argin Jezer Gagui, ‘Momo’ by Avid Liongoren, ‘Passage of Life’ by Renz Vincemark Cruz & Hannah, and ‘Sitsiritsit’ by Brian Spencer Reyes.

See you at the cinemas, folks!


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