Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo has chosen her one and only bottled ice tea, and spearheads the campaign for ‘positiviTEA’ in the Philippines.

Sarah Geronimo for Lipton Ice Tea

“As a global brand committed to the best quality product and services, Lipton is honored to welcome one of the country’s most successful and well-loved artists into our growing family,” Katrina Paras, Lipton Ice Tea brand manager said.

Sarah is the new face of Lipton Ice Tea.

“Sarah embodies the best traits of many millennials today—dynamic, multi-faceted, full of inspiration and brimming with positivity despite the challenges along the way. PositiviTEA is all about choosing to see the bright side and focusing on the good instead of sulking over the bad.”

Lipton Ice Tea, which comes in three variants—lemon, red tea and green tea—is made from real tea with no artificial flavors and with low calories. In fact, the top-selling Red Tea variant is only 30 calories per 100 ml bottle. Because of its authentic tea formulation, it packs the known health benefits of tea in a refreshing taste.

“Lipton Ice Tea’s unique formulation and world-class taste can certainly uplift anyone’s mood, and with Sarah on board, we’re excited to jumpstart the ‘positiviTEA’ revolution with her,” Paras added.


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