BEFORE THE FIRST 22 official candidates of Misters of Pilipinas 2016 were chosen at House Manila earlier today, they strut their hot buds in front of the judges, and the media first — gain some attention, and hopefully a slot in the final list. Though these 35 hunks weren’t all successful, they deserve to be watched here at least.

Yes, folks. We captured their gorgeousness in a few clips, and we are sharing them with you. Feel free to feast on them, and choose your favorites. We have already chosen ours and we will publish our top picks in our next post for you to compare notes with.

For now, enjoy the videos and let us know your favorites in the comments.

Note: We changed the background music for this videos due to a copyright claim by WMA music.

Forgive us but there’s a few seconds we failed to capture cause my phone got full, and it took us a few seconds to record again. To the guys that were cut out (I guess around 2 contestants), our apologies.

See the list of those who made it to the official list of candidates on this post.


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